Never stop following your dreams and your aspirations, be curious, enterprising and full of desire to learn and above all be ready to inspire and to be inspired.
Life is beautiful and when you follow your dreams actively, it is even more”.

Born in Italy, and currently based in London, Elide is a professional dancer, choreographer, dance, pilates, Floor Barre® teacher and the founder of EC Dance Company and Let Your Soul Dance.
Above all, she defines herself as a movement researcher always studying new techniques, new approaches to teaching and looking for inspiration.
Elide started her dancing career in 1996 at the age of four.
She studied Modern and  Contemporary Dance, Modern Jazz Dance, Theatre Acting Techniques, and she is trained in Ballet, Vaganova method, by Desi Shaqiri, National Theatre of Opera’s First Ballerina in Albania, Teacher and the person who passed on her passion and committent to this art.
Elide took part in many formative Internships carried in Italy and in London, and she had the opportunity to meet and to study with some of the best teachers and mentors from all over the world.
From 2011 to 2014 she has worked as ballerina ensemble for different Italian Theatrical Shows, and she won different scholarships in competitions both as a dancer and as a choreographer.
Elide always had a deep passion for motion study , and she discovered the world of teaching seven years ago when she first started teaching low impact exercise to elderly people.
It was a great discovery. She found very interesting helping people to feel comfortable in their down bodies and also helping them to understand what their bodies are able to do and what they can achieve constantly practicing with passion and patience.
In 2014 she took a Pilates Diploma in Italy and in the same year she moved to London in order to gain more experience as a dancer  and to have the opportunity to study with people from all over the world and with a different background.
In August 2014 she attended the Summer Intensive at The Place, and she completely fell in love with London and with the way of seeing “Performing Arts” in this city, and that’s the reason why she has decided to continue her movement studies in UK, in order to expand her knowledge and in order to deliver the best classes , trying to respect the needs of everyone.
Elide was trained in London as a Pilates teacher by Stott Pilates methodology in 2017.
She is also pre and post natal certified with THE CENTER FOR WOMEN’s FITNESS, and she has collaborated as a pre natal  & post-partum specialist, teaching dance for mums at MUM DANCE.
In 2019 Elide studied at the University of Roehampton, attending the Dance Movement Psychotherapy Summer School and in 2020 she attended the course for dance teachers in Anatomy Dance and Theory.
Since 2018 she is a Floor Barre® ,Zena Rommett American technique certified teacher and she is also member of EREPS ( European register of exercise professional)
As a Pilates teacher, she has collaborated with some of the best  studios and gyms in London such are Virgin Active, David LLoyds, Re Centre , YogiYoga and Matt Roberts teaching Pilates for Body By Lara and she has been invited different times to present Pilates workshop at Sweaty Betty Boutique in Kingston.
She currently teaches Pilates, Floor Barre® and Contemporary dance in London.