Yaghvali Falzari

Floor Barre®

Floor Barre® is  gentle but effective technique on ballet based,  invented by the genius of Zena Rommett, which uses the floor as support without the pressure of gravity. This technique correctly aligns the body, strengthens the joints, and sculpts the body creating long and beautiful lines.
It helps recovery time and it is excellent for general injury prevention.
It is not only suitable for dancers, but also for anyone else looking to achieve the correct posture and alignment of the spine.
As dancer, and as a  movement researcher, I love teaching and sharing with my clients my passion for dance. I love passing them my knowledge, and have fun together, but above all I love teaching them how much is important to take care of their own body, and how to train it in the safest way.
Practicing the Floor Barre® Technique on the floor with no pressure on your hips, ankles and knees, you will see how each part of your body seems to be in ‘ its place” and you will also discover how much easier will be each movement once you standing up.
A free spirit and a relaxed body will help you to center yourself.
Your muscles and your joints will be grateful to you forever for such a great treatment!!



The floor is your friend.  Zena Rommett