Pilates Matwork, Pre and Post Natal, Floor Barre ™

Private Classes

A one to one class is a session specially designed for your needs whatever you are recovering from back or knee injuries , you want to work on your posture or you want to improve your  workout.

You will have an introduction session  where you we will discuss  about your goals and everything you want to achieve through practice, and we will choose together  the best path for you!

During the session you will be followed step by step in every exercise and you will have the corrections you need.

By the time you will become physically self-aware and you and you will achieve the results you want in the safest way. 

Book your first session and start to feel the difference!


Private  classes  or  small  group  sessions  (max five people)  are  available  in  a  studio or  at  the  comfort  of  your  own  home.

48 hours cancellation policy applied.